Scoliosis Program

The SpineCor system is a flexible brace that is principally prescribed for Idiopathic Scoliosis patients with a Cobb angle between 15° and 50° and Risser sign 0 to 3. The brace is fitted on the patient in accordance to a sub-classification of the traditional SRS definition of curve types. The SpineCor Assistant Software guides the treatment provider through the fitting process.

Today, 80% of the scoliosis cases are known as idiopathic. Since the true cause is unknown, the treatment can only be based on the symptoms. Until now, only two types of treatment have been known to be efficient: the first is the treatment using an orthopaedic rigid brace, and the second one is surgery with a spinal system.

Our Mission:

“Our purpose is to help as many people as possible without needless drugs or unnecessary surgery. We strive to aid our patients in their quest for IDEAL HEALTH with natural methods when possible.”

“We care about you.”

Success Story

Dr. Bolick: Thank you so very much for your kind and caring ways.

You are a true healer and like most healers you had to go through the trials of life’s test to become the wonderful Physician that you are.

T. S.