Back Pain, Joint Pain and Degenerative Disc Disease

The problem I was having daily constant was lower back pain. I was previously diagnosed with degenerative disc disease. I was also having a lot of pain in my right hip joint. I suffered with back pain for at least 8 years and at least 4 years with the hip. I had previous medical treatment. I saw an orthopedic surgeon who recommended physical therapy for my joint pain. I saw another orthopedic surgeon when I moved to the Orlando area; I was again given medication and instructed to go to physical therapy.

When I went PT I was given home exercises again, but this treatment only made me worse. The surgeon then told me that since the PT did not work that the next step would be injections and then surgery. I just didn’t feel comfortable letting someone cut on my back since the surgeon said my hip again was caused by disc degeneration and drugging me up to disguise the pain wasn’t going to happen either which made me look for in home physical therapy and Cold Laser Device treatment to help myself.

The pain in my hip was so intense that it impaired my normal way of life. I used to walk 2 miles per day and now it was very difficult to do the simplest tasks like: walk the dog, shipping, and cleaning my house. Simply being on my feet for any period was excruciating.

I started my chiropractic care with Dr. Bolick in February 2006 and now I’m back pain free after just a few months of treatment. I am very impressed with the care I have received.

At one point I was ready to give it all up, but Dr. Bolick reassured me that he could help me and everything would be fine, he was right! I’m ashamed of myself for doubting he could help me. I’m sorry Dr. Bolick, you are the best!! The best thing you can do is calling a chiropractic center as soon as you feel the symptoms.

I made a wise decision to seek treatment at the Bolick Clinic. Thank you Dr. Bolick and the entire staff, you are all great.

C. R.