Back Pain and Immobility

I had back pain, neck pain, and pain down my left leg so severe I could not work, an experience I’ve never had in my life. After several weeks I tried walking, stretching and home remedies but nothing was working; I then looked for a Back Pain Management Facility for help.

I am now back to work and my energy level is increasing daily thanks to the herniated disc treatment. I also handled an unknown problem in my neck and have better hearing, no funny noise in my ears when I lay down, my voice is clearer (can even sing easier). I hope that (even at my age) I can retain my quality of life, movement and strong healthy body into the future so I can do whatever I want to do.

Chiropractic helped me:
Walk better.
Improve my work performance.
Sing easily again.
Have better hearing.
Have No low back pain anymore thanks to an awesome pain management treatment.

The care given by Dr. Bolick and staff is superb – They show they really “care”. They handled my first experience with chiropractic like real pro’s!

E. P.