It Is Our Mission To Help You

At Bolick Clinic, our first goal is to get you out of pain naturally. Our second goal is to find the root cause of your ailments.


Welcome to the Bolick Clinic

At the heart of Maitland, Bolick Clinic of Chiropractic Wellness stands as a beacon of health and wellness. We specialize in offering holistic chiropractic care solutions, addressing the root cause of your symptoms, be it back or neck pain, chronic fatigue, or other health concerns. 

With over 20 years of service in the Maitland community, our clinic—run by the highly experienced Dr. Bolick—has become a trusted place for those seeking to improve their health and vitality. We believe in the power of natural healing and provide all-inclusive wellness care that incorporates the latest methods and advice.

Why Choose Us

Notably, we tackle health issues ranging from thyroid function to food allergies. We understand the complex and often misunderstood Hypothalamic–Pituitary–Thyroid axis and offer expertise in managing these conditions. From technical to practical, we aim to equip our patients with the right knowledge and tools to take charge of their wellness journey – right from our downloadable resources to our insightful blogs.

Speaking of which, our blog is continuously updated with relevant, science-backed content aimed at bringing health education to everyone. You’ll find articles covering a variety of topics including acupuncture, maintaining weight loss, and essential information about scoliosis.

We value transparency with our patients and believe in keeping you informed about our practices, how your medical information is used, and our terms of use. Read more about it on our privacy policy page.

Experience comprehensive chiropractic wellness at the Bolick Clinic. We’re located just a block East of Orlando Ave, right next to the Blackbird Comics and Foxtail Coffee. We welcome you to join us in your journey to optimal health. Call (407) 641-0279 today to schedule your first visit.


We Have Solutions To Your Pain

The Bolick Clinic offers a range of services focused on chiropractic wellness and overall health improvement. Here are the key services provided:

Chiropractic Care

The clinic's primary goal is to alleviate pain naturally, correcting imbalances in the body to promote self-healing.

Thyroid and Hormonal Counseling

Bolick Clinic has a strong focus on hormonal health, particularly the Hypothalamic–Pituitary–Thyroid axis, helping patients manage conditions related to these areas.

Food Allergy Testing and Guidance

Understanding that adverse reactions to food can have a range of physiological effects, the clinic offers IgG food allergy testing and necessary dietary advice.

Weight Loss Programs

The Bolick Clinic also offers guidance on maintaining weight loss and possibly provides specific programs to aid this like their ChiroTHIN Weight Loss Program.

Scoliosis Information and Treatment

The clinic provides essential information and likely treatment options for patients dealing with scoliosis.

Educational resources and blog

Besides the services, the clinic shares downloadable resources and insightful blog articles to aid patient education.

Visit The Bolick Clinic And Get Healthy Now!

Our Mission:

“Our purpose is to help as many people as possible without needless drugs or unnecessary surgery. We strive to aid our patients in their quest for IDEAL HEALTH with natural methods when possible.”

“We care about you.”

Success Story

Dr. Bolick: Thank you so very much for your kind and caring ways.

You are a true healer and like most healers you had to go through the trials of life’s test to become the wonderful Physician that you are.

T. S.

About Dr. Bolick

Dr Bolick has been serving the community for many years.

His practice is family directed and his patients range from birth to his oldest who is over 100. He has utilized Nutrition Counseling for years and has many patients who have learned to balance their hormones naturally. Dr. Bolick also uses a unique holistic approach.


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