Injury and Back Pain

I wish to thank you formally for the excellent, professional care you and Dan Kell have given me during the last five months. As a result of my fall down a flight of stairs on November 2nd I suffered a head injury, back and chest contusions and a sprained wrist. My head injury and the wrist sprain were taken care …

Headache Pain

Do you have a splitting headache? If so, you’re not alone. According to recent reports, there are an estimated 50 million chronic headache sufferers in America. Headaches account for more than 80 million doctor visits, 175 million lost work days per year, and 4 billion dollars in over-thecounter medication sales.

Watch 5 Step Headache Rescue Plan Interview with Dr. Channing C. Bolick, D.C. as seen on Channel 13 News.

Lower Back Pain

Dear Dr. Bolick, I just wanted to write you a letter thanking you for all you have done for me. When I first came to your office I was having problems with my lower back from a herniated disk. There were days I could hardly walk. Since I started getting corrective therapy for it I have no problems at all, …

Back Injury, Leg Swelling and Pain

I began Chiropractic care in February of 2002.

I was having a number of physical problems with my body.

I had suffered two back injuries. One at the base of the neck which was apparently caused at birth. This had resulted in massive headaches and pain. The other back injury was in my lower back, which was caused by a boating accident about 15 years ago, which resulted in lower back pain for 5 or 6 years.