SpineCor Physiotherapy Program

The SpineCor Physiotherapy Program has been designed to complement the action of the brace and reinforce the principles of the treatment.

Precise exercises have been designed for each type of scoliosis curve, according to the specific spine deformation and postural disorganization of the patient.

Patients treated with the SpineCor® brace must only carry out the exercises exclusively designed for his/her type of scoliosis curve to avoid interfering with the action of the brace.

Patients treated with the SpineCor® brace must not carry out any other exercises program than the one designed to be performed in conjunction with the SpineCor® brace treatment.

Therefore, all providers working with patients treated with the SpineCor® System must follow a specific SpineCor Physiotherapy Training Program, in order to learn the treatment principles and understand the new treatment approach, to be accredited as Authorized SpineCor Providers.

SpineCor Physiotherapy Treatment Principles

The SpineCor Physiotherapy Program exercises comply with and follow the Corrective Movement Principle, helping to integrate it, in order to:

  • Obtain a faster consolidation of progressive curve reduction.
  • Improve the neuro-muscular integration and postural reorganisation.

 The SpineCor Physiotherapy Program mainly addresses:

  • POSTURAL RE-EDUCATION EXERCISES: to encourage the integration of the Corrective Movement.
  • MUSCULAR RE-BALANCE EXERCISES: global muscular work, by eccentric contraction of shortened muscles and concentric contraction of extended counter lateral muscles at the same time, starting from Corrective Movement position, reinforcing this Corrective Movement and looking for postural over-correction.
  • RESPIRATORY EXERCISES: done in combination with postural re-education and muscular re-balance exercises.

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