Sleep Disorders


Are you one of at least 40 million Americans who suffer from some type of sleep disturbance? If you are, then we may have good news to you.

Do you have difficulty getting to sleep? Do you sleep fitfully and wake up often during the night? Do you have a hard time getting back to sleep once awakened? Do you have difficulty getting up once its time to get up in the morning?

 Chronic lack of sleep can also accelerate the aging process. When you don’t get enough sleep, your brain doesn’t make the normal amounts of hormones, producing hormone levels similar to those of a much older person. However, subsequently getting a full night’s sleep reverses this aging effect, returning hormone levels to normal.

 How does this affect your life and the lives of those around you? How frequently does this occur? Are you frustrated by having tried a lot of different things and not gotten a result?

 When the adrenal glands are weak, it affects your sleep due to abnormal cortisol levels. However, other adrenal hormones can also be affected.  There are several non-invasive physical exam tests that can been done to screen for weak adrenal glands.  Weak adrenals can be one of the reasons contributing to disturbed sleep.

 Would you like to be rid of your sleep problem ONCE AND FOR ALL??

 There is an alternative to surgery or drug therapy.