Scoliosis is a condition involving an abnormal sideways curvature of the spine. It can be caused by genetic, developmental or degenerative problems, but most cases of scoliosis actually have no known cause (idiopathic scoliosis). Why is early detection and treatment of scoliosis of great importance in children? During growth spurts, scoliosis curves can progress rapidly making parents wish they had braced their child earlier. The “let’s wait and see what happens” attitude is not recommended, a treatable adolescent scoliosis has the best outcome potential if immediate and regular attention is given. It is biologically easier to change the direction of a curve that is still growing than one that has stopped growing. The smaller the scoliosis curve the better the prognosis (predicted outcome of treatment). The SpineCor brace is designed to allow for total freedom of movement. The SpineCor brace also allows for the strengthening of muscles through normal activity, rather than a weakening or atrophy of muscles due to lack of movement. We encourage children fitted with the SpineCor brace to participate in all activities while wearing the brace under clothing. And because it is virtually undetectable, children are more prone to wear it as directed. This increases compliance and results in greater changes.

The SpineCor brace is a revolutionary new concept in the treatment of scoliosis. Past braces utilized rigid structures to physically apply pressure to the spine and force it back into a more normal position. The SpineCor brace is completely different in the fact that it is not rigid and does not force the spine to move. Clinical experience to date also shows better compliance and cosmetic results. SpineCor custom scoliosis braces are available for adults and adolescents. Download the SpineCor Standard Treatment Protocol.