title_ptptWe can help you recover from:

Physical Therapy can help restore function through hands on care that helps decrease pain and return strength and movement. This allows a return to an active and unrestricted life full of purpose and freedom from pain. An added benefit to physical therapy is an education on body awareness that will help prevent future injury and promote good lifelong health.

At Maitland Physical Therapy we take patient care seriously. We believe in hands on, one on one care for optimum results. Each patient is progressed at their own rate and never treated as just another diagnosis. We believe that good, personal care leads to the best results possible for that individual patient  and we also offer the best for them like hands free crutches and other medical equipment they may need. We know our patients personally and we treat them as we would a family member. We take their wellness personally and use our expertise and encouragement to seek the best possible outcome for that person. You can try this and see the difference yourself. Come to Maitland Physical Therapy and find a staff of caring people who will help achieve the best results for you.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]