Injury and Immobility

Six months ago Marian had a severe slip and fall accident in which she badly sprained her spine, confining her to her bed and wheelchair. Today, with the aid of her walker, she walks.

My mother is 94 years old this year and has always lived a healthy lifestyle. Marian never smoked or drank liquor. She always believed in healthy foods and was physically active as an exerciser and swimmer. However, time has taken its toll on her healthy body, giving her a major problem of balancing herself as she tries to walk. Dr. Bolick has treated Marian for four years, during which time he has helped her regain her health from several slight falls.

However, this last fall left her totally dependent on others for all her needs and I saw first-hand the mental decline it caused. Marian seemed to go into despair as she wanted nothing to do with her first love, painting. As a retired art professor, her life has been all about drawing and painting. She also lost all desire to go anywhere or be with anyone. And gone were all the family stories she has shared with me over the years. It was hard to talk to her, let alone get her to agree to Dr. Bolick’s help in having Matthew oversee a physical therapy for her. I am sure it has not been easy, but everyone at the Bolick Clinic has made sure that Marian has had the care that she has needed.

I am happy to say that after her visits with Dr. Bolick and Matthew, Marian is walking again, with the aid of her walker. And I am truly amazed at how her great personality has come back to us. I have not experienced anyone making such a full recovery as she has. Once again she is happy to see is on the morning. She is actually cheerful again. I am delighted to say that she is again sharing long-ago family secrets with me. I must also mention that this morning she admired the beautiful red flowers sitting in a tall vase next to her bed, and she told me she wanted to paint a lovely picture of them. Life is good.

The chiropractic care Marian receives from Dr. Bolick and the physical therapy she receives from Matthew have been true lifesavers in giving her the change she deserves at this stage of her life.

D. R.-Daughter of M. H.