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“What Everybody Ought to Know About Forbidden Foods”

Are Your Favorite Foods Ruining Your Health?

Headaches, fatigue, obesity and more can be a sensitive issue. Food sensitivities can be just as damaging as allergies, but they’re harder to decipher. Many people confuse food intolerance with food allergy. This difference between the two is complex, but a simple distinction is that the person allergic to foods, such as peanuts, strawberries, or shrimp reacts IMMEDIATELY—often with a rash or in extreme cases anaphylactic shock (a severe and sometimes fatal allergic response). This type of reaction is rare—less than 5% of the U.S. population exhibits what is called a “true” food allergy.



Milk: Does It Do A Body Good?

New study suggests milk good for weight loss. Others disagree.

A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests drinking fat-free milk in the morning may be better than drinking juice to stave off morning hunger.



Celiac Disease Provides Clues To Solving Autoimmunity

Researcher Alessio Fasano reports new findings in the battle against chronic illnesses, Celiac disease

According to an article published in Scientific America, a study of potentially fatal food-triggered disease has uncovered a process that may contribute to many autoimmune disorders.



Battling inflammation through food an emerging field

New science sheds light on the impact of anti-inflammatory diets and preventing chronic illness.

An article recently published in the LA Times touts the benefits of consuming anti-inflammatory foods to prevent chronic disease and cancer. The article discusses how foods like cherries may help for rheumatoid arthritis or avoid gluten to fight off psoriasis.



Headaches, fatigue can be a (food) sensitivity issue

Food sensitivities can be just as damaging as allergies, but they’re harder to decipher.