Young Boy’s Miraculous Recovery
From Scoliosis

In February 2006 I started treating with Dr. Bolick. He x-rayed my spine and I had severe scoliosis that would have needed bracing if it did not improve or surgery if it got worse. After 11 treatments Dr. Bolick re-x-rayed my spine and there was no scoliosis present. Chiropractic care had corrected my scoliosis. Not only is my back pain gone, my coordination improved and my muscles more balanced, but I also have a better attention span and I’m more focused on learning. My echolalia (the uncontrollable and immediate repetition of words spoken by another person) is also improved.


A True Healer

Dr. Bolick: Thank you so very much for your kind and caring ways. You are a true healer and like most healers you had to go through the trials of life’s test to become the wonderful Physician that you are. Sincerely, T. S.  


Long Standing Low Back Problems

I was feeling hopeless as I explained my long-standing low back problems to Dr. Bolick. Other medical and chiropractic doctors relieved pain over the years of course. Dr. Bolick has designed a process that does much more than inform and treat clients effectively and efficiently. The Bolick Clinic staff is a team. I am a member of the team. Our …

Indian Businesswoman

Severe Back and Leg Pain

I began seeing Dr. Bolick on Feb 28 of 2005. I had severe back and leg pain that radiates from my back to my leg with numbness and aching. I’ve had severe back pain and leg pain for over a year. I’ve seen several emergency room doctors and a number of physicians for my back pain. I’ve taken Lortab and …


Injury and Immobility

Six months ago Marian had a severe fall in which she badly sprained her spine, confining her to her bed and wheelchair. Today, with the aid of her walker, she walks. My mother is 94 years old this year and has always lived a healthy lifestyle. Marian never smoked or drank liquor. She always believed in healthy foods and was …


Severe Sciatic Leg Pain

I came to see Dr. Bolick because of severe sciatic pain in my legs. My walking, already difficult and painful because of osteo-arthritis affecting my knees, had become so bad that I could not take any steps without using a walker. After diagnosis and several treatments which eased the symptoms, Dr. Bolick prescribed a series of treatments along with physical …


Back Pain and Immobility

I had back pain with pain down my left leg so severe I could not work, an experience I’ve never had in my life. After several weeks I tried walking, stretching and home remedies. I am now back to work and my energy level is increasing daily. I also handled an unknown problem in my neck and have better hearing, …