Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment

Do you have any of the following Symptoms? Pins and needles feeling Numbness in the hands or feet Tingling or burning sensations Weakness in the arms or legs Sharp, shooting or burning pains If so, you may have a condition called peripheral neuropathy and you should read the information below as it may make a dramatic change in your life. …

Scientist conducting research with microscope

Specialized Tests

  Specialized Testing: For difficult to treat digestive and hormonal related complaints we use state-of-the-art laboratory testing. We custom tailor treatment programs based on laboratory results to not only insure great results, but to insure you are taking the proper product in the optimum dosage. We also work with Board Certified Internal Medicine Specialists if true Medical prescriptions are needed …



  There are 4 basic stages of health. Below is a table that outlines each. Stage 1 Malfunction When care is sought in stage 1,2 or the top of stage 3 – costly surgery and drug therapy may be avoided, saving many thousands in cost of care and resulting in better quality of life. Stage 2 Disease Stage 3 Minor …

Family Care

Family Care

  At The Bolick Clinic, we love families. We also treat infants to teens for a broad range of problems. Feel free to bring us questions about earaches, colic, frequent colds, hyperactivity, poor posture or other problems for your child. Young Boy’s Miraculous Recovery From Scoliosis.



  We provide a full range of natural health services. Such as, full spine adjusting using main stream gentle methods as taught by Palmer Chiropractic University. Physical therapy to include things like ultrasound, electrical therapies, and exercise programs. Full diagnostic procedures like x-ray, lab testing, MRI, and other specialized testing methods. We also do nutritional counseling to handle many disorders …